Magis Timepieces Microbrand

About Magis Timepieces:

Magis is a Latin word that means "more" or "greater". It refers to the philosophy of doing more for Christ and for His greater glory, subsequently doing more for others. Our logo is a stylized “+” icon for obvious reasons. Staying true to the philosophy of doing more, we believe in creating timepieces that punch above their weight class in terms of value and features because the components used are usually found on more upscale models from different brands.


Our Story:

Magis Timepieces is comprised of two men: Marco Abesamis & Jon Javier. Back in 2018, Marco & Jon together with a few of their friends sought to have a limited quantity of commemorative watches made for their group celebrating a milestone that year. Checking the local options and seeing the limitations of what can be done in the domestic market, they looked for alternatives outside the country and decided that outsourcing production of the needed parts overseas was the best way to go. That commemorative watch was a big hit within the group, so much so that it was sold out and in fact generated demand for more pieces from other members of their group. It also opened the door to ensuing watch projects from schools, clubs, and organizations outside their circle. One common denominator among these clients was that for the amount of money they were being asked to spend for each watch, they wanted more. Consequently, the biggest cost came from the base watch itself, which was typically a Japanese branded watch which already had the parts to be replaced for modification. Marco & Jon knew that to be able to give more to their clients, they had to be able to offer a watch that had the best reasonable parts installed and no longer needed to be modified. Motivated with this information, the duo made the decision to fly to Hong Kong to attend the 2019 Watch & Clock Fair to collect more knowledge about the industry and more importantly, to seek a partner that could best help them realize their goal of creating a watch that offered more.


The Watch Story

While every timepiece has the primary purpose of telling time, we at Magis Timepieces believe that an equally compelling function of every piece is the story that it tells. Each unit to be shipped out from the first Magis Timepieces microbrand offering - The Magis Ops watch and its siblings, The Magis 2020 Greater Together Magis Blue and Magis Waze watches, tells a story of hope – of these watches being used as tools for “bayanihan” or the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both Magis Blue which sports a blue textured vortex dial, and Magis Maze which sports a silver maze sandwich dial are being offered as big-ticket items to raise funds for Ateneo’s Tulong Sulong, a program that was likewise born within the pandemic and now provides sustainable livelihood to a poverty-stricken local community.

Magis Timepieces is proud to offer the Magis Ops Watch, which truly lives up to the brand’s principle of doing more than what is expected. It features an automatic movement with hackable seconds + hand winding capability, sapphire crystal, screw down crown, water resistance for at least 200m, and a story of hope in the midst of a pandemic. Truly a watch brand for anyone who wants more.